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Poker Chip Hunt

Geochache Style

What is this Poker Chip Hunt?

Essentially it's a treasure hunt. We hide several ammo boxes throughout the desert. Inside the boxes are poker chips of several color verieties. Each color is worth a different value. Players don't know what the values are - its a luck of the draw type of thing - Like a poker hand. Chip are kept on each player and brought back to the "Pit" where the values are added up at the end of the hunt and the winners are announced at the announcments afterwords.

How do we find these boxes?

Particepents will be provided GPS coordinates in the morning at the riders meeting. Everyone will have to figure out their own route - there is not a designated track. The GPS coordinates will get you close to the ammo boxes but players will need to get out of their vehicals and search around for the boxes. They can be hidden in rocks, bushes, crevasses etc. 

Is this an individual thing or can we team up?

Its up to you. You can go out solo if you'd like, but we always recommend grouping up with at least one other car incase you have car issues or otherwise need help. 

Can I play multipal hands?

Yes, players can play multipal hands if they'd like to. You would need to pull a chep for each hand you're playing at each stop. For example - if your playing two hands/games, you would pull 2 chips at each stop.

What is the terrain like? 

Johnson valley is a good mixture of everything including open desert, whoops, sand, hardpack, dunes, lakebed, mountains, rocky hills etc. We try to place boxes in areas that have multipal pathways to their locations. One path option may be really easy to travel where others might have higher levels of difficulty. Though we wont be putting boxes in areas that require an Ultra4 Rockcrawler to access, we do reccomend you choose and travel your trails with some caution as the desert is ever changing. 

Do I need any special safety equipment?

Unless you're really good ad navigating via map and cumpas, a GPS will be required. We also recommend participants to have a quality race radio to radio for help if needed. Roll cages, harnesses, helmets etc. are stongly reccomended but the important thing to remember is THIS IS NOT A RACE!


Is time a factor? 

There is a time limit to return your chips to the "Pit Boss" so they can be tallied up, however IT IS NOT A RACE!!! 

What if theres is a tie?

There will be a tie braker game at the "Pit" used to break a tie if needed. 

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